Matterport Pro2

  • 4K HDR Photo Quality
  • Point Cloud included
  • Panoramic Tour included
Rent the Matterport Pro2

Get quick and accurate as-built measurements when you rent a Matterport Pro2

net 190 $ / day

Per week net 690 $

(equals 99 $ / day )

No system is as easy to use as the Matterport Pro 2. The individual scan locations are registered and verified directly on site, via the Matterport iPad app. You can document an entire building and create a floor plan in no time at all.

Matterport Pro2: Specs at a Glance

  • 3 x 4k HDR Cameras
  • Scan time of 30s
  • Automatic data registration and verification on site
  • Intuitive control via iPad
  • Video Tutorials directly on the iPad
  • Automatic data processing
  • Easy integration of the results into your website (via iframe)
  • Automatic floor plan creation


With the Matterport Pro 2 3D Camera you receive a well-designed, tried and tested system to easily and impressively document building interiors. An interactive panoramic tour can be supplemented with additional information and implemented on your website using a simple iframe.

The Matterport Camera is also utilized in industrial settings. The sharp and high resolution 4K photos allow plant designers to see even the most minute details.

What comes with the Matterport Pro2

When you rent the Matterport Pro 2 with Scanner2GO, we give you everything you need to start scanning right away. This includes:

  • Matterport Pro2 3D-Camera
  • iPad with software and video tutorials
  • Carbon Tripod with adapter
  • Heavy-Duty Transport Box
  • Login to our Online Portal

Data Analysis

The rental price includes 100 scan locations per day*. This includes

  • Registration
  • Access to the web interface with editing options (labeling, measuring, layout).
  • Panoramic Tour

For only $49 you can order our 3D Package, which includes:

  • Colorized 3D Point Cloud in a manufacturer-independent ASCII-Format (.xyz File)
  • 3D Mesh in Color (.obj File)
  • simplified 2D floorplan with dimensions

*for an additional payment of $25 projects with over 100 scans can be processed. After 200 scans, there is no guarantee for successful registration.

More Information

...about Matterport Cameras here


Why should I rent a Laser Scanner or 3D Camera?

Because you get the opportunit to test a 3D laser scanner or camera, without the being pressed for time. We strongly recommend using rental equipment for your first project. The experience of working witha laser scanner, and working with the results, will quickly show which device is best for your applications.



Can I buy a scanner after renting it?

Of course, you can change the scanner rental into a purchase. We offer a wide variety of options; just contact us during or after your rental.


How does the Laser Scanner Rental work?

You send us a rental request using the form at the top right f the page. We then contact you to arrange all the details. This includes:

  • Scheduling
  • Equipment Selection
  • Accessories
  • Software
  • Data processing
  • Drafting and modeling

All our laser scanners come with all the accessories required to scan. We can advise different equipment for special-case applications, like inverted tripods, reference spheres, targets, etc.

Is the rental insured?

Yes, all of our rental equipment is insured.


And who is our rental program for?

Basically, for anyone who needs to take a measurement! This includes:


  • Plant Engineers
  • Architects
  • Drafters
  • Historic Preservation
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Engineering Firms
  • Construction Companies
  • Desingers
  • Surveyors 
  • Etc