FARO Focus S70

  • 70m Reichweite
  • HDR Fotografie
  • Vor Ort Registrierung
Rent the Faro Focus S70 laser scanner

Achieve excellent as-built measurements when renting the FARO Focus S70

net 269 $ / day

Per week net 1699 $

(equals 243 $ / day )

    FARO Focus S70: Specs at a Glance

    • Range: 70m
    • Color option: Yes, 165 Mega Pixel
    • HDR Function: Yes, 2x, 3x, 5x
    • Sensor Type: Class 1 Laser 
    • Weight: 9.2 lbs
    • Dimensions LxBxH: 230 x 183 x 103 mm
    • Scan Rate: 976,000 points per second
    • Operation:  via Touch Screen
    • Dual Axis Leveling: Yes
    • Altimeter: Yes
    • Compass: Yes
    • GPS: Yes
    • Proprietary Software: FARO Scene

    What comes with the FARO Focus S70

    • FARO Focus S70
    • 2 Batteries and Charger
    • SD Card
    • SD Card Reader
    • Carbon TRipod with Quick Release

    More Information

      ..about FARO laser scanners can be found here.

      The FARO Focus S70 is the latest model of the FARO series and, in our opinion, offers the best price-performance ratio of the current FARO laser scanners. The hardware is identical to the "bigger" brothers Focus S150 and S350; only the range has been reduced.

      Why should I rent a Laser Scanner or 3D Camera?

      Because you get the opportunit to test a 3D laser scanner or camera, without the being pressed for time. We strongly recommend using rental equipment for your first project. The experience of working witha laser scanner, and working with the results, will quickly show which device is best for your applications.



      Can I buy a scanner after renting it?

      Of course, you can change the scanner rental into a purchase. We offer a wide variety of options; just contact us during or after your rental.


      How does the Laser Scanner Rental work?

      You send us a rental request using the form at the top right f the page. We then contact you to arrange all the details. This includes:

      • Scheduling
      • Equipment Selection
      • Accessories
      • Software
      • Data processing
      • Drafting and modeling

      All our laser scanners come with all the accessories required to scan. We can advise different equipment for special-case applications, like inverted tripods, reference spheres, targets, etc.

      Is the rental insured?

      Yes, all of our rental equipment is insured.


      And who is our rental program for?

      Basically, for anyone who needs to take a measurement! This includes:


      • Plant Engineers
      • Architects
      • Drafters
      • Historic Preservation
      • Real Estate Agents
      • Engineering Firms
      • Construction Companies
      • Desingers
      • Surveyors 
      • Etc